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Our Protégé Chardonnay is sourced exclusively from our estate Vista Montone Vineyard in the southern part of Napa Valley, near Carneros. Vista Montone means “view of the sheep” and Carneros, meaning “ram”, in Spanish. You can see both Carneros and the San Pablo Bay from this vineyard. First planted in 1999, the vineyard is substantially farmed and certified Fish Friendly Farming. For Protégé, we source from three blocks containing Clone 5 with higher, natural acid, a Mike Chelini hallmark, and later maturity grapes.


Vineyard Soils

Block Year Planted Orientation Soils Soil Characteristics




2004 NW x SE Only part of the vineyard facing north Fagan Clay Loam Typically sandstone or shale on slopes of 5%-50% Deep and well-draining results in high quality grapes