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Mike Chelini

Mentor Winemaker

This wine delivers a bright, pretty nose of dried flowers, lemon zest, stone fruits and white peach. It is nuanced and refreshing with a light, silky texture. The finish is attractively lengthy and mineral-driven showcasing an age worthy wine.

“Matt is really sweet, smart and attentive with a high retention of what is taught to him. I am humbled by this.”

Matt Torres


I perceive an attractive, vibrant bouquet of lemon, peach and starburst. This wine’s elegant body has well-integrated minerality and citrus fruit flavors. Balanced acid and beautiful fruit flavors result in a delicious and refreshing Chardonnay.

“… from being able to see Mike work his magic with our Chardonnay and his openness to share his knowledge, to seeing him always have a positive attitude that seems to bring the best out of people. Being able to learn from him has been an opportunity I will always appreciate.”


Crafted in our Winemakers’ Studio in St. Helena, CA with state of the art equipment.

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Food Safety & Quality Certified

“Keep your eye on the vineyard and nose in the barrel.”
– Mike Chelini

Winemaker Studio St. Helena CA
Winemaker Studio St. Helena CA